Noor Sepid Hedayat Institute

The Noor Sepid Hedayat, Social Harm Reduction Institute, is a non-governmental and non-political organization that was established in 2009 by some experts and individuals interested in social work fields, under the supervision of the State Welfare Organization of Iran with registration number 25222. This institute works in Tehran province and its subject of activity is prevention of addiction and implementation of specialized projects to reduce social harms.

Daily Admission
Mothers & Children

Mission Statement

The Noor Sepid Hedayat considers reducing social harms in the field of women, through education, prevention and empowerment as its mission by supporting socially harmed women, mothers and children, tries to be a safe haven for this vulnerable group. By identifying socially harmed individuals and providing harm reduction services to them, It will take them away from the cycle of harm and guide them to the right path to return to society. By presenting specialized projects and attracting financial and moral support of individuals and organizations, through the implementation of practical projects. We believe in the power of human beings to change themselves.

Day Drop-In Center

Mobile Relief Team

Empowerment Center

Overnight Shelter

Health Services

Voluntary medical, especially psychiatric services, midwifery, nursing, psychology, etc.

Hygiene Services

Detergents, dressings, shampoo, disinfectants and detergents are always basic necessities.

Educational Services

Experts and volunteer trainers for educating, skill training and empowering help-seekers.

Food & Clothing

Summer and winter clothing, ingredient for providing food and etc.

Projects and Workshops

30 Sep

Specialist social counselors and social workers training project

The subject of this project was to carry out harm reduction activities and train specialist personnel and its aim was to facilitate the access of adolescents and young people to professional counseling and obtaining information about addiction and HIV (AIDS). During the implementation of this project, prevention services were provided to patients, their families and members of the community. Volunteers […]

4 Oct

Hemp Weaving

Title: Hemp WeavingMinimum capital: 5,000,000 TomansRisk: LowProfitability: Medium-term (1 year)Manpower: 1 to 3 peopleScale: Annual production of more than 10 thousand types of forensic industries

4 Oct


Title: TailoringMinimum capital: 20,000,000 TomansRisk: MediumProfitability: Medium-term (1 year)Manpower: 5 to 10 peopleScale: Annual production of more than 20,000 types of clothing

4 Oct

Dry Vegetable Packaging

Title: Packaging of dried vegetablesMinimum capital: 32,000,000 TomansRisk: MediumProfitability: Medium-term (1 year)Manpower: 1 to 3 peopleScale: 7.5 kg per day

4 Oct

Leather Embroidery

Title: Leather embroideryMinimum capital: 160,000,000 TomansRisk: MediumProfitability: Medium-term (1 year)Manpower: 3 to 10 peopleScale: Annual production of more than 20,000 types of leather products

30 Sep

Establishment of harm reduction shelters in high-risk areas

The harm reduction shelter is a station to provide harm reduction services in city-level hangouts to enhance the access of addicts and the homeless to harm reduction services. These shelters offer services similar to a drop-in center, but instead of providing services in a fixed building, these services are provided in a shelter that can be moved to addicts’ hangouts.

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